Dispute Resolution

We serve the interests of clients who conduct international business, by using the resources of our Malta office in conjunction with those of associated firms overseas. Companies based in two different countries may resolve their disputes by arbitration in a third, applying the laws of a fourth, and this makes a wide legal reach a clear advantage.

As businesses move across borders and between trading blocs, their enforcement, litigation and arbitration concerns expand in scope and complication. There may be anti-trust or competition law difficulties, securities and intellectual property issues, and the need to monitor, on a pre-emptive basis, the regulatory situation in other markets to avoid the risk of further disputes.

We aim to assist our clients in the efficient and effective resolution of disputes, through arbitration, litigation and other methods, always taking their business objectives into consideration. We are able to handle complex cases involving multiple claims and parties. Participants in international business are increasingly aware of the advantages of resorting to a private and neutral tribunal of persons selected for their expertise in the subject matter under dispute.

We offer advice on the comparative advantages of conducting arbitrations under different sets of rules and in different places, allowing our clients to make informed decision on whether to pursue arbitration, or opt for another form of dispute resolution or settlement.

Our para-legal back-up enables us to provide a cost-effective service in dealing with the documentation involved in litigation and arbitration.